Letter of application

Your letter of application accompanying your resume/CV must be tailored to the position you are applying for.  Do not just repeat what you have already put on your resume/CV.

Your letter must address the accountabilities or selection criteria for the position, be showing how your skills and experience align with the position advertised.  Nominating your achievements and/or results against each identified accountability or selection criteria, using statistics if you can, for example, “resulting in an increase in sales by 15%”.

Demonstrate your skills using action verbs.  My pet hates when reading letters and resumes is to see the word “assisted”, how does your reader know HOW involved you were and what you learnt and achieved?

Tailor your letter to each position you apply for and the main message is, DO NOT use the same letter for all positions you apply for, you are missing an opportunity to sell yourself and show your ‘cultural fit’ with the company you are targeting.

"Just a quick note to say a very big Thank You for your work on my resume and letter of introduction. I’m thrilled with how they both read! You did such a great job of putting the real me on the page not just what I have done in my career. Thank You."

Zoe A. Sydney, Teacher