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When it is simply a short note stating you are sending your resume. BORING!
Why not just put a ‘with compliments’ slip on your resume?

In the 21st century, there is no such thing as a ‘cover letter’ as was meant by the term decades ago.
A letter that accompanies your resume/CV is considered these days to be a letter of application and it is equally as important as your resume.
It must be targeted to the position you are applying for. When writing a letter of application, carefully choose which of the job specifications nominated you are best suited to and you can respond to easily, with concise examples. In other words, what made you select this position to apply for?
It could be the selection criteria nominated for the position OR it could be the personal attributes required for the job OR it could be the accountabilities of the position, which you may have a great deal of experience with. Show clearly how your experience or attributes meet each of the nominated selection criteria and how your skill set is aligned with the position you are applying for.
Do not just summarize your resume/CV. How boring is that for you? Think how boring it is for your reader/recruiter or prospective employer?

Make your letter of application specific to a set of nominated requirements for the position you are applying for; which demonstrate clearly why you are applying for the position and why you are interested.
Ensure that you have this letter of application edited by another set of eyes that you trust. If there is one spelling mistake in your application, it and your resume go straight into the ‘Not acceptable’ waste bin.
Remember to use ‘keywords’. Recruitment software used these days identifies keywords used in the advertisement and the job description to assess whether you have a chance of being shortlisted.
Keywords must be in your resume/CV and your letter of application. If they are not there, the software rejects your application even if you are the best applicant.
When you choose a professional resume service provider to write your resume and letter of application, ensure they do not use the word ‘cover letter’, because if they do, you are not getting value for money spent or the correct advice or the set of documents that will possibly get you invited to interview.

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