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FLEXIBILITY - solutions that meet YOUR needs – what you want is what we provide FLEXIBILITY and if you want to take it a step at a time that is fine. We are flexible and ADAPT TO YOUR NEEDS, we do not lock you into a particular package, that you have already purchased. We offer a document satisfaction guarantee and we adapt to what you perceive as your needs along the way. We work in partnership with you, we get to know you, and who you meet and/or talk with, writes your resume, it is not outsourced to an overseas company or to another writer who has never spoken with you.

What happens when you have paid upfront for a package including a resume, a cover letter and a linkedIn profile?  And you find yourself in the following circumstances?

Scenario in question: On receiving your resume/CV you realise this writer/company does not meet the standard of expertise or professionalism you expected? The writing is simplistic and demonstrates a complete lack of knowledge of EEO legislation, expertise in writing skills and the presentation is confusing for your reader, your potential hiring manager.

You have paid for 2 more services, which you now know you do not want; will they give you your money back for the other services that you no longer want?  Did you ask this question up front?  OR did they deliver all documents to you at once so you had no chance to review at least one of your documents?  Is your resume the same as what is now on LinkedIn?

Did you do your research and ask WHO will be writing your resume, did you make contact with them or even speak to them or meet them? How can they possibly identify with you and put themselves in your shoes if they have not spoken with you? How can they identify what language/vocabulary best represents and conveys you to your reader, your future potential employer?

Scenario in reality:  I recently had a client come to me having paid up front for a resume which was the worst example of inadequate knowledge of legislation, no ability to summarise tasks, confused language, formatting and presentation that did not present this gifted individual, in a way that would impress anyone.   It actually gave the impression that this client was hiding her experience or trying to misrepresent herself in this comic resume that they actually delivered to her. Of course, they did not refund her money!

Back to the resume from these unqualified phonies - There was no flow in the document, the reader would have been so confused trying to understand where this applicant was in her career.  To top it off, they did not understand the latest legislated requirements and principles of EEO.  They provided date of birth and marital status and explained some years away from the workplace as “bringing up children”! and gave the reason for leaving the last 2 positions as ‘Redundancy” – Leaving this open to interpretation by a future hiring Manager?  There were no referees or contact details offered, which the majority of employers now want up front. They did not suggest putting in Key Achievements, despite the fact that she had grown a career in the one company over 8 years, with 5 career promotions within this period!

They did suggest putting a picture on the resume, which all knowledgeable practitioners know is a NO-NO, in complete disregard of the principles of EEO legislation. The presentation made her look like a clown. Needless to say, that this resume did not land her any interviews and she had to resort to Centrelink, with no choice, yet she had so much to offer an Employer looking for a skilled versatile employee, who had managed a team of 30 team members!  You can imagine what this experience did to her self-esteem!

Result – Armed with a new resume and letters of application, completed by Virginia of Sydney Resumes she received an immediate positive response, offering her a short-listed position for interview within 4 days (including a Saturday and Sunday!) of sending out her first application and resume.  Within one week she has just been offered a fabulous job to start immediately.  This is what a recruitment and human resources professional practitioner with experience in this industry of over 30 years can do for you.

Virginia set up Highlands Resumes in 2007 in the Southern Highlands of NSW and is now offering her expertise to Sydney Residents, in her home town, while regional residents still call her as they are referred by previous clients many years into the future.  Referrals and repeat business are clearly, without question, a commercially acknowledged, sign of satisfied clients.

This sector is not regulated, and anyone can call themselves a professional resume writer!


Yes, in 2018 there are failed corporate managers and chemistry credentialed individuals and ex-marketing staff.   In some cases, individuals who have worked for recruitment agencies for a few years who have no specialist expertise in writing and insufficient experience to understand and interrelate with the diversity of clients that may have the misfortune to come across them. These people are representing themselves as Professional Resume Writers!  Sadly, for you this means you must do your research into their individual backgrounds.

I urge you not to shop around using the price as your guideline.  If you pay nothing, as related to the general average in the industry, you get nothing, and it will get you nothing!

If you have not been in the Recruitment and Human Resources field for many decades, how can you say you understand what a good resume should do and say?  How can you represent yourself as a ‘professional resume writer’ and how can you present in writing a gifted individual, who is shy about talking about her/his achievements? Which only a skilled interviewer/practitioner can discover.

Did you enquire about their background and their writing expertise?  Did they answer your question?

Did they offer to send you an example of their work?

Did they ask for a copy of the job you want to apply forIf not, how can they possibly target that position and qualify your skills as aligned with what the prospective employer is looking for?

There are still well-known companies advertised on the net who show examples of resumes with pictures.  Clearly, they have no recruitment or human resources experience nor knowledge or understanding of the EEO legislation.  Steer well clear of them!

LESSON ONE - Understand who is writing your resume and what is their background in order for them to profess they are a professional resume writer? Ask for their resume/CV.

LESSON TWO – Do not pay up front for a package until you understand the standard they profess to achieve and are satisfied with your first document and that this document is a true representation of you.

LESSON THREE – Meet the person who will be writing your resume/CV – this is the essence of what makes for a document that represents you, your knowledge, your experience and your skills.

LESSON FOUR – If the company does not ask for a link to or a copy of the job you are targeting, forget them! One general resume in today’s market gets you nowhere.

LESSON FIVE – If they talk about a ‘cover letter’, with no explanation or example of their work supplied, forget them! Today this is a ‘letter of application’ and must be targeted to the position and can actually get you an interview.

This was written by Virginia Craven who has over 30 years of experience in recruitment, on all sides of the desk, and human resources management experience.

To contact Virginia go to   sydneyresumes.com.au  OR call  0412 008 332  OR send an email to virginia@sydneyresumes.com.au