Career Stages

Our unique point of difference is a face to face consultation, with a recruitment and human resources degree qualified professional practitioner who has over thirty years of experience, working in partnership with you and for you.   Face to face consultations are held in our Macquarie Park office, or a consultation by phone or on Skype

We evaluate your experience placing you into one of the below career stages which determines the fee category. All our work is done in-house in Sydney, by the degree qualified consultant you meet with (NOT outsourced overseas, which is why some service providers can charge relatively little).  AND your completed resume/CV is peer reviewed for the purposes of editing, critique, comments and/or suggestions on presentation, target emphasis and strategy.  We've outlined below the additional value-added assistance Sydney Resumes offers.

CAREER STEP ONE -    Starting out  |   Graduate  |  Limited employment experience

CAREER STEP TWO -   Workplace experienced  |   Growing career  |   Acquiring a vocational or professional reputation

CAREER STEP THREE -  Career established  | Qualifications  | Advanced standing  |  Team Leader  |  Professional

CAREER STEP FOUR -   Management  |  Leadership  |  Professional

FREE - WITH THE PURCHASE OF A RESUME/CV. We design practice INTERVIEW QUESTIONS specifically for the targeted position and aligned to the selection criteria at no additional cost on confirmation of an invitation to interview, sent to you within 12 to 24 hours.

FREE - A listing of 25 difficult and/or typical INTERVIEW QUESTIONS - During your initial consultation we provide insights into the simplest and most difficult interview questions and discuss how you would consider responding to them.

BONUS DISCOUNT FOR YOU - The purchase of THREE services qualifies you for a 20% discount - For Example – When you commission us to prepare a targeted resume/CV and an application specific cover letter, AND purchase a third service (your choice) you will be eligible to receive a 20% discount. 

A SECOND RESUME - We sometimes find a client needs two differently targeted resumes – if you are exploring divergent career directions, we will provide a second version at a small additional cost.

STRATEGY DEVELOPMENT – Are you on the right track for the ideal career move? Beginning with your initial consultation and continuing through to the completion of your documents and beyond we will guide and advise you.

Please Note – A letter of application (cover letter) must be specifically targeted to the position/person specifications or key accountabilities of the job being applied for.  Defining how your knowledge, skills and experience are directly aligned to the selection criteria nominated and show WHY you are the best applicant for the position.

Please Note – Average turn-around time is 4 to 7 days, dependent on deadline submission dates. We will always aim to complete your assignment as quickly as possible, to meet your deadline.   If for some reason you, the client does not return the draft you were sent within 21 days of receiving it, a Tax Invoice will be prepared and sent for final payment. (We do understand that on occasion there are extenuating circumstances, we would ask that you discuss these with us.)  All changes to draft documents should be finalised within 21 days.

Please note - A deposit of $150 is payable on engagement, work on your documents will not commence until this deposit has been received.  The deposit clearly confirms, as does the signing of the contract, that you have commissioned the our services and agree to pay the remaining amount owing on receipt of the tax invoice.  This deposit is a component of the full and final charge.  The deposit is to be paid by EFT before consultation and proof of payment must also be sent.

Please note - GST is included and a detailed tax invoice will be supplied. YOUR FINALISED DOCUMENTS WILL BE DELIVERED TO YOU WHEN FULL PAYMENT HAS BEEN RECEIVED. For clients applying for a position with an application deadline, please ensure payment is received prior to your deadline.  We will of course work with you to ensure you meet this deadline.