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What is the employer looking for when interviewing you?

Build Your Confidence with Virginia whose reputation for preparing applicants successfully is outstanding – In one month Virginia coached 5 applicants and 4 were offered the position they interviewed for.

Build your confidence with interview coaching

Some were actually asked the same questions she had rehearsed with them. Interview coach Virginia is the Principal of Sydney Resumes. Virginia works with you to DESIGN A SET OF INTERVIEW QUESTIONS SPECIFICALLY aligned to the selection criteria for the job you are interviewing for. She will use behavioural, technical, tried and true and testing questions. She helps you with interview preparation and teaches you the presentation techniques that you need to land the job.

What is trending now is to SHOW THE VALUE YOU CAN BRING TO THIS NEW JOB and the company.  The best way to do this is to profile the achievements you have had with previous employers and learn how to talk about them concisely. Also align your skill set to the position specifically.

Designed Interview Coaching & Training

Prepare with a dress rehearsal, an interview coaching session with questions designed specifically for the job you are interviewing for. Recently over a period of one month, I provided coaching to five clients. Four were offered the job they interviewed for AND A NUMBER WERE ALSO ASKED THE SAME QUESTIONS WE HAD REHEARSED. This says demonstrates a great deal about Virginia’s ability to design job interview questions aligned to the position, as she has been doing this for many many years, interviewing thousands of applicants, and has a reputation as an excellent recruiter. A mock interview training session, which is a dress rehearsal, can do wonders for your confidence, Virginia will also provide written feedback on your answers and how you could improve your answers and your body language.

Honest feedback to you, because you have contracted a professional recruiter to work with you and for you.

When have you ever had honest feedback about your performance in interview and how you could improve your Interview techniques? Interview Skills Training to invest in your future career development and goals. No employer is going to give you honest feedback about your interview performance.


Hi Virginia,

Sorry for the delay but I wanted to be sure of the answer before writing to you…

I GOT the job!!! Thank you.

The interview coaching was really good, and I was asked many of the questions you rehearsed with me.

Training with you was really helpful in many ways, I’m so glad I did it with you.

I’ll spread your contact to friends who may need it.

Thanks so much

Non-fiction Writer and published Author June 2019