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Do Not undersell or oversell yourself

if you undersell yourself,
you miss an opportunity that may have come to you

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That is why it is best to have a third party write your profile for you, ensure what current documents and your LinkedIn file match. However, do not detail your past positions with excessive detail. Position held company and a summary of the primary role you played for that company.

And certainly do not oversell yourself, which sounds so arrogant that the majority of readers say to themselves “Oh! Sure?” There is a fine line between demonstrating confidence and arrogance. The majority of employers like confidence, but know that arrogance in a team member disrupts the whole team from possibly achieving their business goals.

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Some say it is best written in the first person, others say it is best in the third person A well-written profile can introduce you and induce a potential employer to contact you. Turning the tables on the application process, being approached is a compliment and assures you that you have the skills and experience being sought.

Having met with a client makes writing a profile a much easier task. Often spending time getting to know a client whether on the phone or Zoom is sufficient to help me to know the client and I can write a profile in their document. This means you must take the time also to communicate with me. The more information you give me the better the result.

Linkedin Profile writing assistance
Linkedin Profile writing assistance

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The Process

Fill out the contact form or email us at to get started. We will help you select a resume package that meets your individual needs.

The process starts with our in-depth intake interview via phone so we can learn more about your goals and challenges. The interview typically lasts 30 to 50 minutes, during which we will discuss your current situation, target opportunities, and background in depth, and set our strategy for moving forward.

Turnaround time for the initial documents is typically 5-7 business days following the initial intake discussion. All documents are delivered in Word documents. Together we will go through the revisions process to ensure all content is accurate and optimized. If you purchased a LinkedIn profile, we will deliver a mockup of the profile and upon completion of revisions, update the live content.

Working with Sydney Resumes is an ongoing partnership, and we encourage our clients to reach out with questions related to their search, or for future assistance with updating or tailoring the resume as you progress in your career.

Full payment, as per the quotation received and confirmed with you, is to be made and received prior to any consultation, or your assignment beginning.
Please pay by EFT.
GST is included, and a claimable Tax invoice is provided.

Face to face consultations are held in Hunters Hill, or by individual arrangement. With these discounts
face to face consultations are not available the use of technology is used in place to get to know you.

A letter of application (cover letter) must be targeted to the position/person specification/selection
criteria nominated, defining how your knowledge, skills and experience are clearly aligned with the
position being applied for, additionally demonstrating why you are the best applicant for the position.

LinkedIn profile and a statement responding to selection criteria will only be provided when a
resume/CV has been completed, including a comprehensive interview.

Re-targeting/re-defining a resume within one year of initial service will be charged at $155.

Documents required urgently, within 48 hours or less, will incur a 50% surcharge.

Turnaround timeframe for your first draft, on average, between 4 to 7 days business days following your consultation, with your submission deadline taken into consideration.

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Resume/CV Writing

Your document must be targeted and show the value you have brought to previous employers and how you can value add to this position.

Interview Coaching

Learn the techniques used in interview – Be prepared with private coaching and get feedback on how to improve – A dress rehearsal!

Letter of application (Cover letter)

Your letter must demonstrate how your skills meet those nominated and show how you are the best applicant for the position.

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