Our Services

Professional employment solutions to meet your needs.

We uniquely offer a face to face consultation either in person or using the latest technology.  This is the very reason for our outstanding success rate, our specific specialty that sets us apart. We get to know you thoroughly, what inspires you, what interests you, what it is about you that will attract an employer. OUR SERVICES are flexible and adapt to meet your individual needs, call Virginia now  0457 448 867.

We provide professional services

  • A free critique of your current Resume/CV
  • A face to face consultation
  • Professionally tailored Resumes/CVs
  • Application letters that demonstrate your skills alignment and ‘fit’ for the job
  • Statements responding to selection criteria
  • Professional and personal profiles
  • Interview coaching and technique guidance in order to develop your confidence in presenting yourself at interview with specifically designed job targeted questions for interview practice
At the end of the process, of partnering with us, almost by default, you will have developed a new way of thinking and talking about yourself, insights into the tricks of managing the interview process, being prepared and confident. You may be re-entering the workforce after an absence, you may be looking to explore a complete change of direction, you may have found yourself unexpectedly on the job market, you may be a graduate or you might simply want to reassess your current documents and evaluate how your skills are presented and have a professional diagnosis and/or prognosis.


Click on the links below to find out more: Resume Writing Cover Letter of Application targeted to the specific criteria nominated Linkedin Profiles – Professional or Personal Interview Coaching training Career Coaching and guidance


Thank you, Virginia, I could not have done it without your help! 🙂                          

HE Graduate Business   2016

“Returning to the workforce after many years. Virginia re-defined and summarised my skills showing the organisation how my skills, work, life and community experiences were an excellent fit and matched their requirements. Virginia guided me through the responses I needed to make to the selection criteria for the position. I was thrilled when I got an interview to the first job I applied for and more importantly I have a resume that I can build on because Virginia explained to me what the employer wants to see in a resume.”

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