Ready To Apply for That Dream Job?

Are you ready to apply for just the right job when you see it?

Be application and interview ready, with an updated and current resume/CV.

Do not wait until you see the perfect role! As long as you know what industry or type of position you want to apply for your resume can be targeted in general terms and all that needs to be done when you see the perfect job is an hour of my time to ensure that keywords are embedded in your resume and to compose your letter of application (cover letter), tailored to the position.
When engaging Sydney Resumes you may have already paid for your letter in advance, in a package resume and letter, and it will come to you within a few hours, of you requesting it and sending me the advertised position.

We also provide you with typical interview questions for you to practice and prepare and gain confidence.

Partner with Virginia, your own highly experienced recruitment consultant and HR Manager to work for and with you to provide just the right advice for your individual circumstances.

Get in touch with Virginia today and begin the journey in landing your new job!