Responding to selection criteria

Start by making a statement about how your knowledge skills and experience meet the particular criterion.  Never state anything negative, for example, “I have not used this particular software but I am a quick learner”, this is an immediate turn-off for the recruiter.

Then provide an example of when you experienced such a situation.  Use a logical order to explain, of how and when and what the result was.  Be concise and stay on message, do not deviate from the particular criterion.  The majority of government organisations and local government positions require you to address and respond to the selection criteria nominated.  However, increasingly private organisations are using this as a recruitment tool.

Client confidentiality precludes me from providing an example here, which is what I would particularly like to do.

All employers will want to see how you present and express yourself in writing.

Can you write in a business-like manner or do your written communication skills let you down?

When responding to selection criteria a good guide is to use the following STAR methodology to ensure it is logical and sequential.

  • Situation – briefly explain the context eg. where you were working; what you were studying
  • Task – briefly mention a task you were required to perform in this situation
  • Action – describe the steps you took in performing the task, but don’t go on and on!
  • Result – explain what happened as a result. Concentrate on positive outcomes and focus on the benefits to a future employer.


“With Virginia’s expertise the finished product was beyond my expectations as she was able to draw out my professional skills in response to the position’s selection criteria. Her attention to detail advantaged my application and undoubtedly will do so when next I apply for employment.”

Vicki M. Moss Vale, Teacher