Resume Writing

Your resume must be targeted to each position you apply for, if you use the same resume for each job you are wasting your time and denying yourself an opportunity to change your situation in life or advance your career.

Your resume/CV MUST show your potential, your cultural fit, and the impact and achievements you have achieved in previous positions.  It is imperative that you think about your resume/CV from your future employer’s perspective.  That is why we send or give you material that pinpoints what employers are looking for, so we can include them in your resume/CV.

Do not use clichés for example “proven sales record”, you must be concise and demonstrate your achievements precisely. For example use statistics or what happened in the business following what you did.

Can you get past the ‘Applicant Tracking Systems’ which are now used by the majority of companies?

This is software used to filter out resumes that do not meet the minimum qualifications, and do not show they understand the industry to which they are applying, this is where ‘keywords’ come in.

Be original and take time or invest in your future by contracting a professional, an experienced recruiter and human Resources practitioner to work FOR YOU AND WITH YOU.

"You have worked a miracle!"

Alison H. Bowral, Environmental Specialist