Why?  There is no reason that any unemployed person should send out 20/30/40 or more resumes and not get an interview, it must be your resume which has not been targeted to the position, in other words, are you using the same resume for every application? Gone are the days that you can do this!

Quote from clients

“Virginia put an enormous amount of time and effort into her work and communications with me. The results were outstanding – within days I had phone calls from schools saying they had read my CV and were really impressed and I had my pick of contracts to choose from.  In the end, a school offered me a fantastic long-term contract over the phone because “they wanted to snap me up before anyone else had”. Thanks to Virginia I now have a teaching position I love after being out of work for 8 months.”

Unemployed/Study/Redundancy – Bachelor of Education, Sydney Teacher 2/2014     

“I’m thrilled with my resume …it’s a true representation of me.”

Unemployed/Business Sold – Retail and Business Owner 6/2016